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Place your order with a professionally certified 3M Select Installer near your home or business. Skilled in complex installations, they guarantee a clean and polished finish. Find one of our accredited installers near you.

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3M Select Partners

Enjoy a peace of mind when you choose our 3M Select Film Providers. These recognised installers are loyal 3M partners who can expertly cater to your needs and bring your design goals to life.

  • 3M silver select film provider
  • 3M gold select film provider
  • 3M platinum select film provider
Benefit Silver Gold Platinum
Recognised by 3M as a leader within the graphic industry X X X
3M Performance Guarantee X X X
In house professional graphic design ability X X
Ability to execute large scale campaigns by offering national coverage X
3M training and skilled in Vehicle/Marine and more complex installations X X X