Meet the Energy Academy Instructors

Expert-led classes for electricians, engineers and project managers.

  • Sanjay Jha

    Sanjay has been with 3M for more than 12 years and has been involved in several functions including technical services, application engineering, product development and project management. He is an electrical engineer specializing in power cables, cable accessories and various electrical insulation, sealing and related products used in low, medium and high voltage electrical networks. He has made valuable contributions in the development and commercialization of several new products for 3M India. His experience of installations in the field and insights of customer needs often get reflected in his knowledge sharing sessions.

    He has presented many papers in conferences and has several publications in industry journals to his credit.

  • Emran Siddiqui

    Emran Siddiqui studied Masters in Polymer Technologies and spent 4 years in medical adhesive material research prior to joining 3M. Joined 3M in 1992 and spent first 10 years in product development, manufacturing scale up, regulatory specification and quality assurance function related to adhesives and tapes of 3M Industrial businesses. Developed more interests in text paper presentations in public conferences and industrial seminars. Emran, got involved in 3M corrosion protection products business after 1998. He played a significant role in setting up of FBE manufacturing facilities in India and worked with India Oil & gas customers to introduce dual layer FBE specification in India.

  • Aashish Agarwal

    Aashish Agrawal is having 8 years of industry experience in area of underground cables, cable systems, cable accessories, electrical insulation and connected solutions for power utilities. He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer with extensive field experience and understanding of field conditions. At 3M, he is actively working with many customers and partners trying to understand and solve their problems related to electrical network. He is also an active member of standards committees and has been contributing to improvements and upgradations in related IS standards. Most recently, he has been working on conventional cable accessories as well as medium voltage cable terminations with embedded sensors, communication systems and data analytics which are very new to the industry and presented several papers in this area.

  • Debi

    Debi has been with 3M for more than 17 years, starting as a quality control engineer in the plant manufacturing corrosion protection products. He is a specialist in the development, manufacturing, testing as well as application process of a range of corrosion protection pipe coating and electrical OEM coating products. For Debi, the customer always comes first, and he spends a significant amount of time with customers, helping them with the right selection of products and application process optimization.  His deep customer insights have helped many customers achieve high quality application results and helped 3M with continuous improvements and new product introductions.

  • Amol

    "Amol is a Coating Technologist and a NACE Level -3, Certified coating inspector. At 3M, as an Application Engineer, he has been working across different industry segments like Power, Refinery & Petrochemicals, Transportation etc, to develop & provide asset protection solutions against corrosion. Corrosion impacts the safety, dependability and costs of generating, transmitting & distributing electricity. In today’s economy the power industry has a pressing need for methods to extend the life of ageing infrastructure in order to meet the increasing demand for power supply. Amol has trained many industry professionals through various forums & workshops during his 10+ years of career in 3M. In addition to training, Amol works with his product development colleagues and with his good customer insights, he helps to create better & sustainable products for the industry"

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