Conspicuity Tape for Regulated Vehicles and Trailers

Increased Visibility for Improved Safety

  • High-reflectivity 3M conspicuity tape helps improve the visibility and safety of your vehicles and trailers. Conspicuity tape complies with DOT reflectivity, pattern, and vehicle placement standards.

DOT conspicuity tape on truck

Comply with regulations. Protect your vehicles.

  • Government regulations call for conspicuity tape on certain types of vehicles and trailers to help prevent traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths. The NHTSA estimates that, annually, these regulations help prevent between 191 and 350 accidental deaths, up to 5,000 injuries, and 7,800 crashes compared to fleets without conspicuity tape.¹

    Need reflective tape for everyday use? Learn how 3M reflective tape can help you improve the visibility of your unregulated vehicles, equipment or property.

Trucks and Trailers

3M Conspicuity Tape can help your trucks, trailers and other large vehicles stand out day or night, rain or shine. Easy-to-install. Highly visible with bright retroreflectivity at wide angles. Built to last with strong adhesion and durable materials. Keep your trucks and trailers visible for the long haul.

  • DOT Conspicuity Tape on Truck

    Regulations for Trucks and Trailers (FMVSS 108)

    • Conspicuity markings required on trucks and trailers over 10,000 lbs. GVW and 80” wide
    • DOT-C2 mark required (certifies that conspicuity tape is 50mm (2”) wide)
    • Alternating red and white pattern
    • 50% of each side of truck/trailer must be marked
    • Continuous strip on rear bumper
    • Two white “L” brackets on rear upper corners

Freight Rail Cars

3M Conspicuity Tape helps maximize the visibility of your freight rail cars with exceptional daytime and nighttime brightness. This helps improve motorist safety by ensuring that your rail cars get noticed with enough advance warning for drivers to react. Designed to perform in challenging conditions, with strong adhesion and materials that resist weather, dirt and aging.

  • Freight Rail Conspicuity Marking Tape

    Regulations for Freight Rail Cars (FRA-224)

    • FRA-224 mark required
    • Yellow or white allowed (one color per car)
    • If white markings are used, 25% more conspicuity material must be used
    • 4”x36” strips on ends of car
    • 4”x18” strips placed at intervals no greater than 9’ along sides of car

School Buses

Improve the visibility of your school buses to help prevent accidents and protect the safety of children, employees, drivers, and other motorists—particularly during the early morning and evening. 3M Conspicuity Tape provides vivid retroreflectivity at wide angles, strong adhesion and durable materials to last in tough environments.

  • School bus stop sign with conspicuity

    Regulations for School Buses (FMVSS 217)

    • Conspicuity markings on all emergency exits
    • Markings on stop sign and stop sign bracket
    • State regulations may require additional conspicuity markings

Fire Trucks and Emergency Vehicles

Use 3M Conspicuity Tape to help improve the visibility of your fire trucks and other emergency vehicles. Improved visibility helps reduce accidents—particularly at night—and can improve safety for emergency workers, the people they’re helping, and other motorists on the road. Designed with strong adhesion and durable materials for ongoing performance.

  • Fire truck conspicuity tape

    Regulations for Fire Trucks and Fire Apparatus (NFPA 1901)

    • 50% of the back of the fire truck or apparatus must be marked
    • Chevron pattern
    • Red, Yellow, Fluorescent Yellow, or Fluorescent Green
    • Only needs to meet Type I reflective properties

Applying conspicuity tape
How do I apply and remove conspicuity tape?

3M Conspicuity Tape is easy to apply and remove. It’s important to correctly apply the conspicuity tape to your vehicle or trailer to ensure durability, strong adhesion and effectiveness. Proper application also helps to ensure that your warranty is valid.


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