1. State of Science Index Survey

State of Science Index Survey

2020 State of Science Index finds that global pandemic has renewed trust in science
세계적인 팬데믹으로 과학에 대한 신뢰가 회복됨
Appreciation for science and trust in scientists has increased in 2020

연례 연구에 따르면, 과학에 대한 감사와 과학자에 대한 신뢰가 지난 몇 년에 비해 2020년에 크게 높아졌습니다.

3M Chief Science Advocate Jayshree Seth discusses the state of science in 2020

3M 최고과학옹호책임자 Jayshree Seth 박사는 2020년의 '과학 현황'을 요약합니다.

Science skepticism declines for first time in three years
Survey shows people want science to help solve healthcare, social issues, sustainability and economic challenges
Barriers to STEM education, including access, race, ethnicity and gender, are holding students back