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  • Optically clear adhesive solutions for your future design and functionality challenges.

  • The optically clear adhesives that built the industry, including 8146, CEF28 and CEF38.

Advanced 3M OCAs

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OCA frequently asked questions

You’ve got OCA questions, and our technical team has answers. Dive in deeper with information straight from the experts.

  • When bonding LCD displays, it is important to manage mura through a softer, gentler lamination process. OLED displays do not encounter mura. For flexible OLED displays going into a curved lamination, a higher adhesion, anti-repulsion adhesive is often desired.
  • This depends on the OCA properties. Stiffer OCAs will have step coverage less than 10 percent, whereas more conformable OCAs can cover up to 40 percent of their thickness. Your 3M OCA expert can provide guidance on selection for coverage.
  • A PSA is a pressure-sensitive adhesive applied in the lamination process, with no additional treatment by the customer. A post-UV curable adhesive is applied in the lamination process, then is UV cured after lamination is complete. This enables a more conformable adhesive in lamination that is then cured to deliver final properties.
  • 3M is capable of providing diecut OCA to a desired drawing specification. To eliminate OCA picking, we are capable of providing both extended easy and tight liners. Fiducial marks can also be added to the liners to help with alignment of the diecut parts.
  • There are three main considerations for touch sensors. One is the OCA being acid-free, to avoid corrosion of touch sensors and bond pads. Another is dielectric constant of the OCA, to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio. Higher Dk in front of the sensor provides enhancement to touch sensitivity, whereas low Dk behind the sensor blocks out noise from the display and other electronic components. Lastly, for non-ITO sensors (e.g., metal mesh, silver nanowire), it is important to prevent ionic and/or moisture driven corrosion.
  • It depends — while the carbon-silicon bond has a higher energy than a carbon-carbon bond, acrylate adhesives can be formulated to include thermal stabilizers and a UV package that can provide durable performance up to 120C. Your 3M OCA expert can provide guidance on this.
  • A film OCA is provided in a roll for roll-to-roll lamination or a diecut for piece-part lamination. The diecut can be shaped to the exact dimensions needed. A liquid OCA is delivered in liquid form, dispensed into a particular shape, may involve a pre-cure step prior to lamination and requires post-cure after lamination. Care is needed to avoid overflow and manage TAKT time.
  • Plastic bonding can be tricky because plastic substrates such as PC and PMMA tend to outgas, which can lead to bubbles and delamination. We have specially designed OCAs that are better at mitigating substrate outgassing and preventing delamination, but pretreating the plastic substrates by plasma treatment or prebaking before bonding is advised. For best results, hard coated plastics are suggested for all optical bonding applications.

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