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Optimizing light and improving display design options in surprising, hidden ways.

Display Solution Overview

  • Stunning, bright, colorful displays that are thin and lightweight, and don’t drain batteries. Devices and displays that can be curved, rolled or foldable. The biggest reasons why an electronics consumer would choose your product start right here—inside a paper-thin stack of 3M science.

Display Solution Products

  • An image of smart phone layers including optically clear adhesives.
    Adhesives for Display Solutions

    Once you’ve got the films, you have to put them together—and 3M knows a lot about high-performance adhesives. We offer a wide array of lighter, thinner, state-of-the-science optical bonding products for OLED and LCD designs.

  • An image of 3M™ Reflective Polarizer Films on a colored background.
    Display Films for Display Solutions

    Manipulating the physical properties of light to achieve your display objectives—that’s what 3M display films are all about. Layer by layer, our display films help you optimize the performance of your display: Make the picture brighter and more colorful. Simplify the design. Increase power efficiency. Reduce thickness and weight for mobile devices—even wearables. Or add strength and rigidity for large displays.

    3M display films are rarely off-the-shelf products, There are thousands of ways to stack and customize our films to achieve the results you want. We work closely with every customer to develop exactly what their applications and performance specs require. The collaborative results are spectacular.

Optical Films Tips and Tricks

  • Removing liners cleanly

    3M™ Optically Clear Adhesive (OCA) has two film liners with differential release force for ease of processing. If you’re having trouble taking off a liner cleanly, getting it cold will make it easier to remove. Just wait for the adhesive to return to room temperature before laminating!

Free App: Configure your Ideal Film Stack

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    How bright and thin can you make a smartphone display? Now you can find out! Download the free 3M Display Solutions Max Design app and start exploring what you can achieve by configuring different film stacks. App runs on Apple iOS (iPad and iPhone) only.

Engage with 3M Display Solutions

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