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3M Reclosable Technology for Flexible Packaging

Reliable reclosable packaging that’s easy to use can keep customers coming back for more… getting started is easier than you think.


3M™ Grip Lock Strip for Reclosable Packaging

  • Consumers demand reclosures on their on-the-go food options that open and close easily and securely as well as provide tactile feedback that reassures them that their package is really closed when they seal it. Introducing 3M™ Grip Lock Strip, a reclosure solution that is suitable for pre-made pouches and horizontal form/fill/seal flexible packaging applications and meets consumer and manufacturer needs. Example applications include pouches holding up to five pounds of:

    • Salty snacks and nuts
    • Candies and cookies
    • Dry beverages (coffee, tea or powdered drinks)
    • Dry cooking ingredients (pasta or spices)
    • Household and personal items (cotton balls, cotton swabs, hair ties, etc.)
    • Dry pet food and treats
    • Many other food and non-food items

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    Benefits for Consumers

    In a world where everyone’s constantly on the move, customers demand on-the-go simplicity and freshness – but current reclosure options can be hard to use. That’s why we created 3M™ Grip Lock Strip for reclosable packaging to be both reliable and easy to seal correctly the first time.

    • Easy to open and close – doesn’t require precise alignment
    • A closure you can feel – tactile feedback lets you know it’s sealing
    • Performance typically isn’t affected by food crumbs or oils

  • Bar graph showing that 3M™ Grip Lock Strip is up to 60% thinner than typical reclosure options
    3M™ Grip Lock Strip vs. Typical Closures
    Closure profile comparison (engaged thickness)

    Benefits for Manufacturers

    Besides being easy for consumers to use, 3M™ Grip Lock Strip also makes pouch production a cinch.

    • Up to 60% thinner than typical closures for:
      • Improved edge crush and line speeds
      • Less Waste – Weight reduction of up to 65% vs. competitive closures
    • Unique co-polymer backing for easy application to a wide variety of films
    • Adapts to existing production equipment with minimal modifications – and our experts will help

Packaging Matters

  • Purchasing Decision

    58% of consumers sought packaging features with the ability to reseal and reclose²

  • Ease of Use

    71% of people say that it is important for the package to be easy to reclose or reseal¹

  • Brand Loyalty

    60% of people have purchased a product again because of packaging functionality (24% even recommended a product because of the packaging)¹

  • What Customers Want

    Consumers say it is more important for brands to focus on features that make using the product easier than on innovative design and appearance¹

  • Image of partly open strip numbered to show benefits, with the copy “Designed for stand-up pouches”
  • Applying Science to Package Closures

    3M is a world leader in making micro hooks for the diaper industry, and we applied that expertise to making 3M™ Grip Lock Strip reliable and easy to use.

    1. Fines have minimal effect on closure performance
    2. Multi-hook reclosure system
    3. Securely closes even when strips are not precisely aligned
    4. Extremely thin profile

See 3M™ Grip Lock Strip in Action

  • Video still of a resealable plastic pouch of hard candies and the words 3M™ Grip Lock Strip
    Grip It, Don’t Zip It (1:01)

    Watch how easy it is for consumers to reliably grip and slide 3M™ Grip Lock Strip to close bags and for manufacturers to add this simple solution to their bags.

  • Video still of production equipment on a plastic pouch manufacturing line
    Enhance Operations and Delight Consumers (1:32)

    See the advantages 3M™ Grip Lock Strip can provide on your production line and the reasons your customers will be delighted you provided it.

  • Video still of a closed yellow pouch with the words “Minimal machine modifications needed”
    The Uncomplicated Reclosure (0:51)

    See the advantages that make 3M™ Grip Lock Strip an excellent choice for manufacturers.

Find Out What 3M™ Grip Lock Strip Can Do for Your Brand

Try it Yourself

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3) Our technicians will work with you to provide the tooling and set up and run a trial


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  • 1 Packaging Matters™ – WestRock Consumer Insights Study June 2016, 2 Top 7 Reasons Functional Packaging Matters – Avery Dennison 2018 infographic