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Social Distancing and the 'New Normal' for Vehicles and Pedestrians

Keeping people safe at critical points between all road users

The re-opening of cities affected by COVID-19 and the pandemic means creatively applying transportation safety products to new solutions in reshaping streets, roads and curb spaces.As leaders in transportation and members of our communities, our mission is to help shape safer roads and streets for all users.

A line drawing shows vehicle traffic on one side of the road and traffic signs and barriers separating a bicycle lane.
Shared Streets

Enabling safe and effective guidance with highly visible, reflective traffic signs and traffic safety materials.

Our 'new normal' calls for safe mobility in new settings

Applying road safety solutions to new traffic flows

Safer traffic flows, maintaining social distancing in urban areas and efficient drive-through or curbside pick-up at retail and restaurant locations calls for solutions that enable safe, efficient and organized vehicle and pedestrian flows.

Learn more about Social Distancing Solutions for Road Safety, 3M Transportation Safety Division Social Distancing Solutions (PDF, 3.6 MB)

  • A temporary sign in front of temporary traffic control materials reads “Mobile testing here.
    Testing Site

    Maintain separation between vehicles and people at coronavirus testing sites.

  • Temporary traffic signs on a barrier indicate that bicycles and pedestrians are allowed and to watch for children.
    Urban Areas

    Allow more temporary space for pedestrians and vulnerable road users.

  • Two men wearing face masks unload groceries into the back of a car.
    Pick-Up Areas

    Create efficient traffic flows for pick-up of supplies with physical distancing.

Short-term guidance on 'new normal' vehicle and pedestrian traffic

Create traffic flow solutions

3M Transportation Safety Division can help you prepare for short-term, temporary guidance of vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic to create traffic control patterns with materials and devices familiar to all road users. Cities can achieve high visibility of dedicated areas at all times, day or night, by marking queue lanes with pavement markings and directional symbols, separating vehicles from pedestrians and non-traffic areas with channelizing devices, and providing drivers and pedestrians with wayfinding signage using the flexibility of digital printing technology.

Contact Us

Talk to a Product Application Support specialist about Social Distancing solutions for your testing sites, shared streets and curbside pick-up: 1-800-553-1380

Talk to a Product Application Support specialist about Social Distancing solutions for your testing sites, shared streets and curbside pick-up: 1-800-553-1380