Disposable Respirators

  • 3M offers a wide selection of NIOSH-approved disposable filtering facepiece respirators to help protect against particulates in both oil and non-oil environments. Our respirators come with adjustable noseclips, a variety of head strap types or are valved.

    Ready to choose a specific disposable respirator? View all 3M disposable respirators on our online catalog.

worker wearing a 3M disposable respirator
Your employees. They deserve high-performing respiratory protection.

Give them the peace of mind they need to help them give their best. Contact us today for help finding a respirator for your workforce.


Help them give their best. Choose 3M™ Disposable Respirator Solutions.

  • Innovative technologies

    3M disposable respirators have a legacy of quality with reputable filter media technologies that include electrostatic charge and nuisance odor protection.

  • Built for comfort

    Faces come in all shapes and sizes.  3M prioritizes fit and can help workplaces achieve comfort and compliance.

  • Stewards of quality

    3M disposable respirators are tested and approved by regulatory approval bodies throughout the globe. In a world where counterfeits abound, put your trust in a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in designing and producing quality disposable respirators.

  • Health and safety specialists

    Our dedicated respiratory specialists can help you understand all the options available and what will help protect your workers from the hazards they may face.

The importance of proper respirator fit

  • 3M Disposable Respirator worn while at construction site

    A respirator can’t give workers all the protection it was designed to provide, unless it is selected and worn correctly during all periods of exposure. That’s why 3M uses a variety of innovative technologies and features designed to enhance user comfort. Disposable respirators require a good seal between the respirator and face to deliver the expected protection.

    Learn more about fit testing in the Center for Respiratory Protection

    3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirators have up to a 93% fit test pass rate across a broad range of face sizes and shapes.*

    *Based on quantitative fit testing in the 3M United States Fit Test Laboratory in April-May 2021 of subjects with a range of face sizes (face sizes 1 through 10 on the NIOSH bivariate grid (PDF, 422.93 KB)). A passing fit factor is defined as 100, based on OSHA 1910.134. The 3M™ Aura™ Healthcare Particulate Respirator and Surgical Mask 1870+ was tested. These results are applicable to 3M™ Aura™ Particulate Respirators 9205+ and 9210+ as described in the U.S OSHA Position on Respirator Fit Testing during COVID-19 (PDF, 113.55 KB). Individual results may vary. For more information, view this 3M Respirator Fit Study (PDF, 312.16 KB).

Find the right respirator for your job

Use our interactive respirator selector to help you find a respirator that meets your protection needs.

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Most Purchased 3M™ Disposable Respirators

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3M is fighting respiratory protection fraud, globally, every day. 3M has investigated more than 13,500 cases globally, filed 33 lawsuits, and has been granted 17 temporary restraining orders and 11 preliminary injunctions. 3M, in partnership with multiple international law enforcement agencies, has also seized over 38 million counterfeit respirators. In addition, 19,200+ false or deceptive social media posts have been removed, 17,900+ fraudulent e-commerce offerings have been removed, and 300+ deceptive internet addresses have been removed.  Learn more about how to identify fraudulent offers, counterfeit 3M PPE products and price gouging.

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